You might not have come across BOT, but Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) is a model used to settle contractual relationships, mainly in the IT or tech sector. In this model, a company hires a service provider to optimize and run an IT or business operation for a predefined period to transfer the process at the final stage once the company is constituted.

Although this model is growing in popularity in the IT sector, it\’s crucial to remember that it\’s not as simple as it initially seems. At every level of this procedure, complete transparency, adaptability, and communication are required. The client must be well informed about the performance. Along with every action the provider took, including hiring, paperwork, schedule, projects, location, etc.

Here, we will discuss the major advantages of the BOT model in brief to give you a deeper understanding and a few reasons to choose it. 

Advantages of BOT

  1. No white labeling

Build-Operate-Transfer agreement software teams are your employees from the start and operate under your brand, as opposed to an outsourced team. They won\’t create a product and then just allow you to rename it. Although they labor abroad, the offshore developers you recruit through the BOT provider are identical to your in-house staff.

  1. Access to the best talent

When you hire specialized and dedicated resources for a designated task, you get access to the best talent in the industry. As you will hire only the experts, you can expect the best skills only. And this is the sole reason to adopt BOT for tapping onto the pool of best talents in the industry. 

  1. Scalability

With different project definitions, the requirement of a team to be assembled in accordance with the unique them also changes. As a consequence, you may build up a team of experts who are specifically qualified for your requirements using the BOT model. The service provider guarantees to locate the very finest in a well-known setting.

  1. Flexibility

With the help of this outsourced engagement model, you may increase the flexibility of your business. This entails having the benefit of adjusting quickly to a customer\’s demands or even hiring personnel more quickly than an internal operation. Additionally, everything changes quickly today. Because of this, its functionality enables you always to be open to change.

  1. Transparency

To guarantee that the teams\’ and projects\’ actions follow the same procedure as those at the headquarters. You can set up rules to guarantee alignment during the transfer process. The primary corporation is notified of every pay, expense, and even available position. The local supplier explains everything occurring in the nearshore place. For instance, you are giving the service buyer input on the pay scale and legal specifics. In order to ensure success in the new site, they communicate everything once a month. The business culture, expenses, and many other factors match those of the primary offices when the transfer phase starts.

Sum & Substance

To sum up if your aims include expanding internationally at minimal cost and with experience, the Build, Operate, Transfer model is one of your best possibilities. This outsourcing approach is also ideal for businesses that wish to work with a partner to set up a nearshore software development team as a foundation for the business as it enters a new market or prepares to run the operation independently. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of the Build, Operate, Transfer model.