World-class developers and teams, on demand.

Digiteon is a staff augmentation company for organizations that need in-house development without going through the hassle of a traditional hiring process.

Our capabilities

You can get on-demand developers trained, certified, and constantly updating their skills and knowledge on the most in-demand development languages.


Adobe Commerce​

Hire specialized Adobe Commerce developers to help you create unique and engaging online shopping experiences for your customers.


Hire specialized BigCommerce developers to help you deliver an outstanding e-commerce experience on this user-friendly platform.



Hire specialized Shopify developers to help you build an online store while taking full advantage of Shopify's vast ecosystem.



Hire specialized .Net developers to help you build various types of applications such as desktop, web, and mobile.

Communication is Key

Effective communication ensures that goals, timelines, and requirements are clear and understood by everyone involved. Regular video or voice calls, email, and project management software are essential. However, the most critical aspect of communication is our developers’ proactive question-asking and constant reporting.

While English is not the native language for most of our team members, they’re fluent speakers, allowing them to provide regular progress updates, answer your queries, and collaborate effectively with your team.

Our developers are fluent in technical jargon and can easily communicate regarding technical specifications, requirements, and issues. This facilitates the exchange of information and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding project objectives, milestones, and deliverables.

Our developers are always online and ready to respond. This is particularly important in agile software development methodologies, where quick feedback loops and frequent communication are crucial for project success.

Only the best of the best

Rigorous Selection

We vet candidates to ensure they have the necessary skills, experience, and work ethic to meet your project’s requirements. It’s also essential to assess their communication skills and cultural fit to ensure they can work effectively with your in-house team.

Always Learning

Constant training is paramount to help identify and address knowledge gaps, ensure compliance with best practices, and promote continuous improvement. Knowledge of emerging technologies, tools, and frameworks is vital for staying competitive and relevant.


Need a bigger solution? Try the BOT model.

The Build-Operate-Transfer model is ideal if you want an offshore development team working exclusively on your projects but want to avoid the risks and burdensome admin work that come with owning one.

"Our experience has found them to be knowledgeable and more than capable . They are quick to reply and capable of working on their own initiative. "

Gregory Confessore
Vice President - Breakers & Controls

Hiring an offshore development team from Digiteon has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise and cost-effective solutions have allowed us to scale rapidly while maintaining high-quality standards.

Ezequiel Ortuño
Marketing Director - Holloway Houston


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