Resource-as-a-Service (Raas)

Hire on-demand developers with Digiteon's Resource-as-a-Service program. Get a chance to enhance your team's productivity and achieve better, faster results without disturbing your current setup.

Scale your delivery capacity and capability

Attracting and retaining specialized IT talent is a challenge for many organizations. With the rapidly evolving technologies and business needs, sourcing the right IT resources at right time is critical for business success.


Tell us about your project requirements, goals, budget, and timeline. This is the most crucial step in the process.

Profile selection

We will search for professionals that match your requirements, screen them, and provide you with a final candidate list.


It’s time to interview the candidates, ask them questions, and decide which fits your organization best.


Our Client Success Team ensures that everything is ready for the developer to start working on your projects.

Our capabilities

Adobe Commerce

Hire specialized Adobe Commerce developers to help you create unique and engaging online shopping experiences for your customers.

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Hire specialized BigCommerce developers to help you deliver an outstanding e-commerce experience on this user-friendly platform.

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Hire specialized Shopify developers to help you build an online store while taking full advantage of Shopify's vast ecosystem.

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Hire specialized .Net developers to help you build various types of applications such as desktop, web, and mobile.

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This model is
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We protect what's yours

All the work done by our developers belongs exclusively to you. We establish clear intellectual property agreements to protect your company’s proprietary information, trade secrets, and other valuable assets.

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