Digiteon is a staff augmentation company for organizations that need in-house development without going through the hassle of a traditional hiring process.

Enter the Build-Operate-Transfer model

Many companies still need to realize the possibilities that IT outsourcing can bring. Choices are wider than typical models like dedicated delivery or staff augmentation, which are still great options for many companies, but some businesses may need help to adopt them, as one needs to understand the local laws, processes, payroll, administrative policies, governance, etc.
1 Build

In-depth analysis of your needs business goals, technical requirements, staffing needs, and company culture.

Office space, facilities, equipment, and teams required to implement your delivery center are identified and set up.

2 Operate

Your BOT partner, Digiteon, will manage the daily activities related to your operations as per the defined requirements and goals.

Setting up your own HR and accounting teams and/or policies/processes

3 Transfer

At a pre-determined point in time, Digiteon transfers the mature business to you legally
as a subsidiary of your organization.

All operations, IP, employees, knowledge base and assets are all transferred to your organization.

Benefits of B-O-T Model

Already Established

Avoid the cost and upfront work required to establish a legal entity in offshore location.

Reduced Costs

Eliminate the initial costs of administrative, accounting, human resources, and legal teams

Local integration

Learn the local culture and how to integrate it into your corporate culture with the help of your BOT partner.

Quality Teams

Eliminate recruiting time and expenses to find qualified candidates

Already Established

Avoid the cost and upfront work required to establish a legal entity in offshore location.

This is the right
model for you if...

Want to setup your own team and have full control over operational structure and processes.

Need complete alignment of your company culture with the offshore resources.

Want a dedicated IT delivery team that understands your business and technology.

Would like to have long term cost and risk reduction.

Want assistance in setting up your own offshore subsidiary.

Everything is completely and exclusively yours

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